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Seollal Box

Let's celebrate the Korean New Year!
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Buy our Seollal New Year theme Korean snacks box here. Read about all the snacks you will taste below.

Here in Korea the winter weather is cold but there is reason to celebrate, and that is New year! But in Korea we not only celebrate one New Year, we celebrate two New Years! While we also celebrate Shinjeong/신정 the “Solar New Year” that is mostly celebrated around the world, we are mostly focused on 설날/Seollal the “Lunar New Year”. Seollal occurs on the second new moon after midwinter and marks the first day of the new year on the Lunar calendar. Seollal is maybe the most important holiday in Korea so we are filled with joy that we get to celebrate Seollal with you!

During Seollal we meet family and relatives and eat rice cake in hope for longevity and good health - therefore we have filled this month’s box with rice cake type candy and other delicious snacks to give you a great start of a new and prosperous year! During Seollal it is also common to dress in the traditional Korean clothing 한복/Hanbok. You probably seen and know about Hanboks but did you know that a special attribute of the Hanboks is that they do not have any pockets? ^^ Instead we carry a Bokjumeoni silk bag like the once you get in every box, and this month you will get an exclusive traditional style handmade Bokjumeoni in beautiful colors that you can use in your daily life or as a decoration!

Please note that this is a seasonal edition box with limited supply and if an item is out of stock it will be replaced with another item of equal value.

In this box you will find:

찰떡 파이/Lotte Chaltteok. A rice cake snack covered in delicious chocolate - a long time favorite among all Koreans.

초코마랑/Choco Malang. A brand new snack in Korea made from the famous Malang candy that is similar to rice cakes - here in fruit flavours and covered in dark chocolate!

찹쌀 약과/Chamssal Yakgwa. A traditional snack made from an ancient recipe with rice, honey and ginger - I really hope that you will find this traditional Korean snack delicious even though it is a bit different than modern Korean snacks ^^

더블딥 요구르트/Pepero Double Dip Sweet Yoghurt. Another new and very popular snack these days in Korea - the famous Pepero snack with a new recipe!

버터와플/Butter Waffel. A delicious waffel snack that taste exactly like or even better than home made waffels!

새콤달콤/Sekomdalkom. 새콤 meaning sour and 달콤 meaning sweet is the perfect balanced sweet and sour chewy candy).

In the Large boxes you will get extra pieces of 찹쌀 약과/Chamssal Yakgwa, 찰떡 파이/Lotte Chaltteok, 초코마랑/Choco Malang, 버터와플/Butter Waffel and 새콤달콤/Sekomdalkom!

And here are some videos on this Box's snacks:

* Items and the silk bag color may vary slightly depending on stock availability.
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Can I buy this as a gift?
Yes, the Korean Snack Boxes are packaged inside a beautiful gift box and they are popular and appreciated gifts for anyone who is interested in Kpop, Kdrama or Korean culture. If you want the box to be shipped directly to the recipient simply add their delivery address during checkout. If you want it to be a surprise then we recommend to add your own email and phone number so you get the order and shipping notifications.

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What if I have food allergies?
We do not recommend our boxes to people with food allergies to ingredients that are commonly used in snacks and candy such as nuts etc.

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