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Registered Airmail Shipping Upgrade

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Do you want to get your box with a tracking number? Or do you not want your postman to leave the box outside of your door? Then you can purchase this Registered Airmail Shipping Upgrade item and we will send your box with trackable Registered Airmail.

When you purchase the Registered Airmail shipping upgrade you will get:

  • a tracking number that is sent to you with the delivery notification
  • insurance that the postman need to deliver the package to you personally or leave a note so you can pick it up at the nearest post office (these regulations might vary from country to country but in general the postman need to deliver Registered Airmail to the recipient in person and not allowed to leave it outside the door)
  •  2-3 days faster delivery compared to regular Airmail


  • Question: I have a gift subscription for 3 months, how can I get all of them with Registered Airmail?
    Answer: If you want Registered Airmail for all 3 shipments then you should buy 3 qty of the Registered Airmail Shipping Upgrade.

  • Question: I bought 1 x Registered Airmail Shipping Upgrade and got my first package with Registered Airmail, but what happens if I do not buy it again for the second delivery?
    Answer: If you do not buy the Registered Airmail Shipping Upgrade or if your purchased shipping upgrades are used up, then your package will automatically be delivered with Standard Airmail.

  • Question: I already have a box subscription, how can I upgrade that to Registered Airmail?
    Answer: You can purchase the Registered Airmail shipping upgrade together with the box or separately. Just use the same email address if you order separately and we will see that your box should be shipped with Registered Airmail. If you order the Registered Airmail after you have received the delivery notification you will get the shipping upgrade on the next shipment.

  • Question: I got my tracking number but only see that it has been delivered from Korea, how can I track the package within my home country?
    Answer: How you track your package once it has left Korea varies country by country. E.g. for the US the USPS do not provide real time tracking for Registered Airmail so you will only be able to see real time tracking until it leaves Korea. But if something happens with your package you can contact USPS and they will make a so called 'investigation' to track your package. Please reach out to your national postal service for more information for your specific country.
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