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Chuseok Box

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Buy our "Chuseok" theme Korean snacks box here. Read about all the snacks you will taste below.

Every autumn on the 14th day of the 8th lunar month all Koreans celebrate Chuseok together! Have you heard about Chuseok? Chuseok (sometimes compared to Thanksgiving) is one of Korea’s most important holidays and a celebration of a bountiful harvest and for honoring our ancestors. During Chuseok Koreans often leave the city and travel to their hometowns to eat, drink and spend time with family and relatives.

And to celebrate this Chuseok with you, we have packed your Bokjumeoni bag extra full with a variation of delicious snacks that symbolizes this year’s harvest festival.

Please note that this is a seasonal edition box with limited supply and if an item is out of stock it will be replaced with another item of equal value.

In this month’s box you will get to taste:

Subakba-Jelly / 수박바젤리. The popular classic watermelon ice cream reinvented as a jelly candy.

Pepero Nude Chocolate / 빼빼로 누드. The popular stick shaped cookies that you can see in many Korean dramas and Variety shows promoted by EXO.

Mon-Cher / 몽쉘. A delicious soft cacao and cream filled traditional style Korean cake.

Bungeoppang / 붕어빵. A modern version of the traditional fish shaped waffles often found on street food markets such as Namdaemun.

Mychew / 마이쮸. A chewy sweet candy with fruit flavors from this season’s harvest.

Sunkist candies / 썬키스트. The candy version of the popular Korean fruit drinks Sunkist!

In the Large boxes you will find lots of extra pieces of Mon-Cher, Bungeoppang, Mychew and Sunkist candies to share with your friends. And you will also get this additional item:

자가비/Jagabee. An oven baked Korean style potato chip, lightly flavoured and super addicting!

And here are some videos on this Box's snacks:

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