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Chips Box

The best Korean Chips and crispy snacks
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Buy our Chips theme Korean snacks box here. Read about all the K-snacks you will taste below.

How about some Korean chips and crispy snack for your next favorite Kdrama episode? Try our Korean Chips Box!

In this box

In our Chips themed box you will find the most popular chips and crispy snacks from Korea. Boxes are available in 3 different types. You can choose the box type you like best or buy a combo with all 3 boxes for a discounted price!


In the "Type A" box you will get:

하니버터칩/Honey Butter Chips . You probably heard of this chips that was a huge hit in Korea when first released which is totally understandable since this chips has a perfectly addictive taste of sweet acacia honey, mild butter and saltiness. When they were just released they used to be so impossible to find in the store that they were sold on online auctions for a higher price, and "Honey butter chip selfies" of Kpop stars that managed to get a bag became a thing. And there was even a Honey butter chip app to help people find the stores that had them in stock. Now you can finally taste it yourself!

Eric Nam loves Honey Butter Chips

뽀셔뽀셔/Break break: A special noodle concept snack that should be eaten like follows (do not cook them! ^^) 1) break the noodle shaped snacks (뿌셔 meaning break) 2) open the spice bag and empty it in the bag 3) shake the bag and then enjoy!


In the "Type B" box you will get:

고래밥/Goraebab. A delicious oven baked snacks. You might recognize the cute 고래 whale character from our Jelly Candy box since there is also a jelly version of this snack.

닭다리/Chicken drumsticks. For anyone that been to Korea they wouldn’t be surprised to see this snack with chicken drumstick flavor. Because the dish that young Koreans famously love the most is 치맥/ Chi-maek, which is Fried chicken and 맥주/maekju meaning beer in Korean, with Chi-maek restaurants in almost every street corner.


In the "Type C" box you will get:

오징어 땅콩/Squid Peanut balls. Another squid taste snack, yes Koreans love squid snacks ^^ this is a super addictive peanut snack with a subtle squid flavour.

새우깡/Saeookang. A long time popular and highly addictive shrimp flavored chips snacks! 


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Can I buy this as a gift?
Yes, the Korean Snack Boxes are packaged inside a beautiful gift box and they are popular and appreciated gifts for anyone who is interested in Kpop, Kdrama or Korean culture. If you want the box to be shipped directly to the recipient simply add their delivery address during checkout. If you want it to be a surprise then we recommend to add your own email and phone number so you get the order and shipping notifications.

When is the box shipped?
We normally ship orders within 1-2 working days and sometimes already the same day.

How long is the shipping time?
Shipping time is normally 5-10 working days. But please note that the packages are shipped from South Korea and depending on which country you live there might be delays in the customs clearance or final delivery to your door.

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping cost, if any, will be calculated during checkout. Add your products the the cart and enter your delivery address during checkout to see the exact shipping cost.

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, we ship worldwide with exception of a few countries that are not covered by Korea Post.

Will I get a tracking number?
Yes, you will receive a tracking number as soon as your package has been shipped so that you can track your package until it arrives.

Do I have to pay customs or other taxes?
For most countries our boxes are below the limit for customs fees and import taxes but please refer to your national customs agency and check the limits in your country. If your customs apply fees or taxes they are paid by the customer.

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