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Partnership referral program

Do you have a popular blog, website, Instagram or Youtube profile? Or are you a professional affiliate? Then you might qualify for our Partnership referral program.

Fill in our Partnership referral application here and we will look at your blog/website/social media profile and let you know if you will qualify for our Partnership referral program. If you are accepted you will get 10% referral commission.

Apply here

Did you not qualify? Or do you want to get started immediately? Then you can join our open Tell-a-friend referral program where you can get a FREE Korean Snack box when referring your friends.



Question: How much can I earn?
Answer: You get 10% of every purchase that was referred by you. The average affiliate earn $225 USD per month by selling just 1 Large Quarterly box per day - and one third of our affiliates earn $1724 USD per month by selling just 2 Large Yearly boxes per day. 

Question: How do you know which customers was referred by me?
Answer: You will get a personal referral link that you can add to your blog/website/profile and when the user come to our website via your link we know that this is your referral. If you don't want to show a long link to your users you can use a URL shortener.

Question: What is my referral link?
Answer: When you filled in our referral application and we have approved your account you will get your personal referral link. You will then use that link to send to your fans and followers. If you don't want to show a long link to your users you can use a URL shortener.

Question: What happens if they don't buy on the first visit but a few days later?Answer: You will get your commission for any purchase that the user make for up to 30 days after you referred them. That way you can be assured you get paid for any user that you referred.

Question: How can I earn more commission?
Answer: Because you get 10% of the order value you will get a lot more commission by selling the Yearly and Quarterly pre-paid plans. We offer great discounts to the customer for those plans so it is good for your fans also. So check out our prices and make sure that you recommend these discounted plans for them.

Question: Can I use the images that you have on your website?
Answer: Yes, you are free to reuse any images and texts that you see on our website.

Contact us here if you have any more questions and we are happy to help.