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Partnership FAQ

Here you will find answers to some frequently asked questions about collaborating with Korean Snacks Box.

If you aren't yet a partner, read more about our Partnership referral program and sign up to get commission the customers that you refer.

Question: I have a blog/website/social profile and would like to make a review for your box, can you send me a free box?
We get lots of requests for free boxes and try to send out as many as we can to all larger relevant influencers. You can contact us here and send some information about your blog/website/social profile and your visitors/followers and we will let you know if we can send you a free box. If we cannot send you a free box we recommend you to join our Partnership referral program where you can earn commission by recommending Korean Snacks Box to your followers. When you have referred your first customers to us we will almost always be able to send you a free box for doing a full review. 

Question: Can I use images from your website?
Yes! You use any image that you find on our website as long as you use them to link back to us or our Korean snacks boxes.

Question: How can I take my own photos of the Korean snacks boxes?
It is up to you which content you want to create when e.g. posting a review or ad to your audience. But we would recommend that your main photos features the Bokjumeoni silk bag or the inside of the box and not the outside of the box. This is because we do not use branded delivery boxes so it is nicer if you show the viewers the content and/or the Bokjumeoni directly.