Korean Gift bags & Goodie bags for events

Are you hosting an event related to Korea and want to provide your guests or participants with a Korean style gift? Then you might be interested in our custom gift bags and goodie bags!

We help companies and event organizers to curate a gift bags that suits their budget, style and theme. And then we prepare and package them, and deliver them to you before your event.

Contact us here and let's create together a memorable Korean style event for your guests and visitors!


What our company customers say

Estée Lauder Brand Event

We ordered the snacks boxes and worked with them to customize the items and the presentation. Our colleagues from the South East Asia Region loved it! Especially the potato chips and cup noodles :)

- Abigail, Estée Lauder Travel Retailing Inc.



What do we need to know when you contact us?

Here are some examples of useful information that you could include when you contact us so that we can help you faster:

1) What type of event you are arranging?

2) Where will it be located?

3) When will it take place?

4) How many bags do you want to purchase?

5) Within which price range do you want your bags to cost?

6) Do you have any item requests that you want to be included? (we can generally accommodate any requests for Korean snacks, candy, food or drinks items)  


How are the boxes delivered?

If you host the event within Seoul we will provide free delivery to your event location at a time and day of your choosing. If you host the event outside Seoul or even outside of Korea then please contact us for a shipping quote.


Do you offer discounts for large volume orders?

Yes, we offer bulk discounts for orders above 50 pieces.


How does the gift bags look?

We can create custom gift bags and goodie bags that suits your exact needs. You can see example photos below of one of our gift bags.

Some customers also choose to order the current or previous monthly subscription boxes or our single boxes and we will custom package that content into a gift bag that suits your event.

But often the customer or event organizer want to decide their own item curation to achieve their specific feel of their gift bag. We will then ask you for a list of the items that you want to include and then we'll send you some custom examples.

Example of Korean gift bags and goodie bags:

Image of content inside a goodie bag from Korean Snack Box:

Korean gift bag goodie bag

Image of packaging for a goodie bag from Korean Snack Box:

Packaging of Korean gift bag goodie bag