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Just Pepero Box

Give a Pepero to someone special!
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Buy our Pepero box here. Read about all the snacks you will taste below.

Pepero is one of KOrea’s most popular snacks! We even have a special Pepero day! It is on the 11th of November or “11/11”. On Pepero Day as well as other special occasions Koreans like to buy boxes of Peperos and give them to close friends or boyfriend or girlfriend and on the back we write a cheerful message or greeting.

In this box you will get to taste all the different types of Pepero. You can eat them yourself or give them to someone special ^^

In this box you will find:

빼빼로 오리지널 Pepero Original

빼빼로 바닐라 블랙코키 Pepero Vanilla Black Cookie

빼빼로 누드 초콜릿 Pepero Nude Chocolate

And in the large boxes you will also get these limited edition Peperos:

빼빼로 아몬드 Pepero Almond

빼빼로 더블딥 요구르트 Pepero Double Dip Sweet Yoghurt

빼빼로 더블딥 카페라떼 Pepero Double Dip Cafe Latte

빼빼로 코코넛 Pepero Coconut

빼빼로 스키니카카오 Pepero Skinny Cacao


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