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Candy Jelly Box

Try the most popular Jelly candies from Korea
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Buy our "Candy Jelly" theme Korean snacks box here. Read about all the snacks you will taste below.

Do you like to chew on Jelly candies when studying Korean? Or when watching your favorite Kdrama or listen to your Kpop idol? Then this is the box for you!

In this Candy and Jelly themed box you will find the most popular candies and jelly from Korea: 카카오톡 제리뽀/Kakao Talk Jellybbo (a jelly pudding with the cute KakaoTalk characters that you will see everywhere when you visit Korea ^^), 수박바젤리/Subakba-Jelly (the popular classic watermelon ice cream reinvented as jelly), 젤리밥/Jelly Bab (the Jelly version of the popular 고래밥 snack), 마이구미/Maigumi (delicious sweet grape flavoured candies), 새콤달콤/Saekom dalkom (새콤 meaning sour and 달콤 meaning sweet is the perfect balanced sweet and sour chewy candy), 마이쮸/Mychew (a chewy sweet candy with fresh fruity flavors) and 말랑딸기우유/Malang Strawberry Milk Candy (‘malang’ meaning soft in Korean is a sweet and chewy milk and strawberry flavored snack). In the Large boxes you will also find another popular 멜론젤리/Melon Jelly (like Subakba this candy is also a reinvention of the Melona ice cream Koreans love, now you can enjoy this delicious flavor anytime and anywhere as jelly!), 왕꿈틀이/Wanggumteuri (very addicting jelly worms) and 젤리데이/Jellyday (Peach flavoured vitamin C rich candy).

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