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Here you can find snack boxes on sale. Hurry up and get one if you want to try any of these snack boxes before they are sold out.
Random Box - 0.5 lbs (225g) Sale Random Box - 0.5 lbs (225g) Get 0.5 lbs of Korean snacks!
  • Price Sale price $17.95 Regular price was $19.95
Random Box - 1 lbs (450g) Random Box - 1 lbs (450g) Get 1 lbs of Korean snacks!
  • Price Regular price $25.95
Candy Jelly Box Candy Jelly Box Try the most popular Jelly candies from Korea
  • Price Regular price $25.95
Chips Box Chips Box The best Korean Chips and crispy snacks
  • Price From Regular price $16.95
Cherry Blossom Box Cherry Blossom Box A beautiful spring themed box for yourself or a friend
  • Price Regular price $25.95
Just Pepero Box Just Pepero Box Give a Pepero to someone special!
  • Price Regular price $25.95