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Past Box of the Month

Here you can see some of the previous Box of the Month and order the once that are still in stock.

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Cherry Blossom Box Cherry Blossom Box A beautiful spring themed box for yourself or a friend
  • Price Regular price $25.95
White Day Box Sold Out White Day Box A perfect White Day Gift for your loved ones
  • Price Sale price $19.95 Regular price was $26.95
Valentine's Day Box Sold Out Valentine's Day Box Celebrate Valentine's Day K-Style
  • Price From Regular price $19.95
Chuseok Box Sold Out Chuseok Box A beautiful box with a mix of Jelly and Chocolate items
  • Price From Sale price $19.95 Regular price was $20.00
Pepero 11/11 Box Sold Out Pepero 11/11 Box A perfect box for someone you love
  • Price From Regular price $19.95
Winter Box Sold Out Winter Box Fighting all winter!
  • Price From Regular price $19.95
Seollal Box Sold Out Seollal Box Let's celebrate the Korean New Year!
  • Price From Regular price $19.95
Lotus Lantern Box Sold Out Lotus Lantern Box A box of snacks to celebrate the Lotus Lantern Festival
  • Price From Regular price $19.95
Winter Olympics Box Sold Out Winter Olympics Box Lets celebrate Winter Olympics 2018
  • Price From Regular price $19.95