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Weekend Trip Box

All you need for your Korean weekend trip
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Buy our "Weekend Trip" theme Korean snacks box here. Read about all the snacks you will taste below.

Here in Korea when the summer is about to shift to autumn the hot humid period is replaced with fresh autumn breeze and blue sky, puffy clouds, sunny days ^^ It is a perfect time to go for a weekend trip in Korea!

For Koreans living in the big cities like Seoul it is popular to take a weekend trip to the countryside and stay in a comfy pension in places such as Ganghwado, west of Seoul, or the Gyeonggido province that surrounds Seoul with beautiful mountains, forests and lakes.

Please note that this is a seasonal edition box with limited supply and if an item is out of stock it will be replaced with another item of equal value.

In this month’s box you will get to taste:

Bibigo Roasted Seaweed 비비고 구이김. If you watched Korean dramas or TV shows you probably know that a popular snack for Koreans is dried seaweed. You can wrap it around rice, or crunch it on top of a meal as spicing, or you can just eat it as a trasty and nutritional snack.

Jellycious Cheong Podo 젤리셔스 청포도. A sweet jelly candy from Lotte Jellycious with taste of green grapes, mmm!

Saengkeurim Pie 생크림파이. As you know Koreans love bite size cakes and pies and here is one of the newer most popular pie snacks, a sweet cake with cream filling covered in chocolate!

Milky Soft Candy 밀키 캔디. An adorable little box from Japan with sweet chewy caramels inside.

Bing bing 빙빙. A fun and delicious ice cream style candy, comes in different flavors such as Strawberry and Chocolate.

Ghana Creamy Chu 크리미츄. What is better than choux? Of course a Ghana Creamy “Chu”, a choux style candy with dark chocolate and nuts and creamy chewy filling.

Red Ginseng Jelly 홍삼제리. Sometimes we mix in some traditional style Korean snacks in our monthly boxes. Although the taste might be unfamiliar we hope that you find it interesting and fun to try ^^ This is a long time favorite Red Ginseng jelly snack that you can bring with you and chew on when you need an energy boost in class or at work.

In the Large boxes you will find lots of extra pieces of Saengkeurim Pie, Milky Soft Candy, Bing bing, Ghana Creamy Chu and Red Ginseng Jelly to share with your friends.

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