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Pepero 11/11 Box

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Buy our "Pepero 11/11" theme Korean snacks box here. Read about all the snacks you will taste below.

On the 11th of November or “11/11”, friends and lovers in Korea celebrate a special day together. Can you guess what it is? It is “Pepero Day”. On Pepero Day we buy boxes of Pepero snacks and give them to our close friends or boyfriend or girlfriend - usually with a hand written or printed message on them.

Please note that this is a seasonal edition box with limited supply and if an item is out of stock it will be replaced with another item of equal value.

In this  Perpero 11/11 themed box we have packed your Bokjumeoni with Peperos and other love themed snacks. You will find 2 boxes of 빼빼로/Pepero (and an extra in the large boxesin the flavors 오리지널/Original and 바닐라 블랙코키/Vanilla Black Cookie. On each box there is a printed message or a space where you can write your own. You can visit our blog to find out what the messages means. You will also taste these love themed Chocolate and Strawberry snacks: 리얼브라우니/Real Brownie (a brownie snack made with premium chocolate that was this summer’s big trend in Korea from trending ‘bakery brand’ Market O), 초코파이/Choco Pie (a long time favorite snack in Korea since 1974, best enjoyed together with your loved once - the character on the package ‘cheong’ meaning ‘sharing’ and ‘friendship’), 말랑딸기우유/Malang Strawberry Milk Candy (‘malang’ meaning soft in Korean is a sweet and chewy milk and strawberry flavored snack - a popular snack to share among Korean students). In the Large Pepero 11/11 boxes you will find an extra Pepero in 아몬드/Almond taste and extra of the delicious 초코파이/Choco Pie리얼브라우니/Real Brownie and 말랑딸기우유/Malang Strawberry Milk Candy!

And here are some more Kpop and Kdrama stars enjoying Peperos and playing the Pepero Game ^^

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