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New Year Box

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Buy our "New Year" theme Korean snacks box here. Read about all the snacks you will taste below.

Here in Korea the winter weather is freezing cold but there is reason to celebrate, it is New year! In Korea we not only celebrate one New Year, we celebrate two New Years! While we also celebrate Shinjeong/신정 the “Solar New Year” that is most commonly celebrated around the world, we are more focused on 설날/Seollal the “Lunar New Year”. Seollal occurs on the second new moon after midwinter and marks the first day of the new year on the Lunar calendar. Seollal is maybe the most important holiday in Korea so we are filled with joy that we get to celebrate Seollal with you!


In this box

In this month’s box you will find:

Goraebab 고래밥. A delicious oven baked snacks. You might recognize the cute 고래 whale character from our Jelly Candy box since there is also a jelly version of this snack.

Wanggumteuri 왕꿈틀이. Very addicting jelly worm candy in fruity flavors.

Chaltteok Pie 찰떡 파이. A rice cake snack covered in delicious dark chocolate - a long time favorite among all Koreans.

Chamssal yakgwa 찹쌀 약과. A traditional snack made from an ancient recipe with rice, honey and ginger - We really hope that you will find this traditional Korean snack delicious even though it is a bit different than modern Korean snacks ^^

Saekomdalkom mini 새콤달콤. 새콤 meaning sour and 달콤 meaning sweet is the perfect balanced sweet and sour chewy candy.

In the Large boxes you will find lots of extra pieces of all the items above to share with your friends and family, and you will find this extra item:

Butter Waffle 버터와플. A delicious waffle snack that taste exactly like or even better than homemade waffles!

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