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Chuseok Special Offer! Korean Snack Box ❤ The K-Beauty Box

As you might already know we are currently celebrating Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) holiday here in Korea. During Chuseok it is common to give gifts to family and relatives. Whether you celebrate Chuseok or just want to show some appreciation to a loved one or want to spoil yourself! Here are some amazing gift sets from our partner shop The K-Beauty Box that I would like to recommend to you.

* Sheet Mask Box: Try out 10 different Korean sheet masks to find you favorite. You can choose between a set of Premium sheet masks or a set of Basic sheet masks.

TONY MOLY Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Skin Care: The Chok Chok collection from Tonymoly features the special ingredient, fermented Korean green tea called "Chungtaejeon" that provides gentle yet intense moisture and long lasting hydration to your skin. #moisturizing #hydrating #tonymoly

MISSHA Time Revolution Special Set: The Time Revolution series offers potent anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and brightening products with premium highest quality active ingredients. #anti-aging #anti-wrinkle #brightening #missha

LANEIGE Basic Duo Moisture: This set contains best selling moisturizing skin care products from Laneige and will help make your skin's foundation evenly moisturized and healthy with an optimal moisture balance using active ingredients such as Laneige's Hydro-ion Mineral Water and Water Balancing Activator. #moisturizing #hydrating #laneige

IT'S SKIN Glow Routine: A set of products from It's Skin to give your face a bright and glowing look. The products inside the Glow Routine Special Set are enriched with 10 kinds of vitamins and offers delicate bright and glowing skin. #brightening #glow #itsskin

You can also check out all of the K-beauty bundles on sale here.

...or you can check out their Monthly K-Beauty Box here if you prefer a monthly surprise box with new K-amazing beauty items once a month similar to our own Monthly Korean Snack Box.

And you can use the special discount code CHUSEOK to get 10% storewide both at The K-Beauty Box and of course at Korean Snack Box during the whole Chuseok weekend until Sunday 15th September!