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White Day Korean Snack Box - February

White Day K-snack Korean Snack Box

March is here and the cold Korean winter is nearing its end. In March we celebrate a special occasion in Korea. It happens on the 14th of March and is called “White day” ^^ Have you heard about it before?

White day is related to Valentine’s day but with a particular difference. In Korea it is usually the women who buy chocolate and other gifts to their partner on Valentine’s day, and then on White day it is the men’s turn to give back. According to tradition the man is supposed to reciprocate with a gift 3 times more expensive than the once they received on Valentine’s day ^^ And the gift should have a white color theme, such as white candy or chocolate, white gold jewelry or white lingerie.

Jellycious Gumi Jelly / 젤리셔스 구미 젤리. A bag with cute jelly candies in sweet fruit flavors.

Pepero Vanilla Black Cookie / 빼빼로 바닐라 블랙코키. One of the most popular flavors of the famous Korean Pepero snacks with white vanilla coating and cookie crunch! You can also find these in our Just Pepero box!

Mon-Cher / 몽쉘. A delicious soft cacao and white cream filled traditional style Korean cake. You can also find these in our Choco box!

Custard / 카스타드. A custard filled white sweet cake made from local Korean milk, eggs and cream.

Jayusikan / 자유시간. Meaning “break time” is a perfect snacks for getting some quick energy on your break from school or work. You can also find these in our Choco box!

Crunky / 크런키 다크쿠키바. A delicious chocolate cookie bar from Lotte filled with creamy vanilla!

In the Large boxes you will find extra items of, Mon-Cher, Custard, Jayusigan and Crunky to share with your loved once!