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Valentine's Day Korean Snack Box - February 2020

Valentine's Day February 2020 Korean Snack Box

Hello 안녕하세요! The theme for this month's Korean Snack Box is Valentine's Day Love theme! 😍

Happy Valentine’s day! On the 14th of February we celebrate Valentine’s day here in Korea, but did you know that Koreans celebrate quite different than the rest of the world?

On Valentine’s day the 14th of February the tradition is that women, and not the men, give chocolate and other candy to their partner. The men that receive a gift on this day will then give back on our second day of love celebration called “White day” which is celebrated the month after on the 14th of March (psst, you can learn more about White day next month) 😘

In this box

Kancho / 칸쵸. The Kancho cookies from Lotte are cute, round and very delicious cookie snacks filled with sweet chocolate packed in a sweet little pink box. 😍

Ghana Mild Chocolate / 가나마일드 초콜릿 (only in Large box). The Ghana Mild Chocolate from Lotte is the best-seller in the Ghana choco brand that will give you lots of energy and cacao. Maybe you have seen the Ghana Chocolate commercials with actor Park Bo Gum. 😍

Subakba Jelly / 수박바젤리. The Subakba Jelly from Lotte is the popular classic watermelon ice cream reinvented as cute soft jelly candies. You can also find these in our Candy Jelly box. 🤩

Maigumi Peach / 마이구미 복숭아 (only in Large box). The Maigumi Peach from Orion are delicious soft jelly candies here in the popular peach flavor and in cute pink peach heart shapes. 🥰

Choco Pie / 초코파이. The Choco Pie from Lotte is a long time favorite snack in Korea made since 1974. Choco Pies are best enjoyed together with your loved once so the character on the package ‘cheong’ means ‘sharing’ and ‘friendship’.

Oh yes / 오예스. The Oh Yes from Haitai is a delicious chocolate coated soft cake in mini snack size. It’s so addicting! 😛

Ghana Chocobar Mini / 가나 초코바 미니. The Ghana Chocobar Mini from Lotte are the popular Ghana chocolates in bite size. 🤗

Lollipop Ice / 롤리팝 아이스. The Lollipop Ice from Lotte are cute Korean sweet lollipops with flavors  of popular Korean ice creams. 😋