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Chuseok Korean Snack Box - September

Korean Snack Box September 2019 K-snacks Korean Snack Subscription Box

안녕하세요, 추석 잘 보내세요! Hello, Happy Chuseok! Every autumn on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month all Koreans celebrate Chuseok together! Have you heard about Chuseok? Chuseok (sometimes compared to Thanksgiving) is one of Korea’s most important holidays and a celebration of a bountiful harvest and for honoring our ancestors. During Chuseok Koreans often leave the city and travel to their hometowns to eat, drink and spend time with family and relatives.

And to celebrate this Chuseok with you we have packed your snack box with a variation of delicious snacks in bright autumn colors. You will get to taste fruity flavors from the autumn harvest as well as some traditional snacks with unique flavors from the Korean cuisine.

Jjol Byeong Ramyun Snack / 쫄병스낵. A fun and addictingly delicious "ramyun concept" snack from Nongshim with crunchy bite sized mini ramyuns. Here in a Tteok-bokki flavor, the popular Korean dish made of stir-fried rice cakes in spicy sauce. Wow!!

Aisheo Jelly Lemon / 아이셔젤리 레몬맛. A new popular candy from Orion with sour jam filling inside chewy jelly candies. Here in a lemon flavor with sour lemon jam inside!

Aisheo Jelly Blue Ade / 아이셔젤리 블루에이드맛. In the large box you will get an additional special edition flavor and our favorite flavor "Blue Ade"!

Margaret Honey Sweet Gold / 마가렛트 허니 스윗골드. You might know the long-time Korean favorite snack Margaret by Lotte from our previous snack boxes. It is a handmade style sweet cookie flavored with nuts that's been a classic Korean snack brand made since 1987! Here is a new special edition flavor with honey and sweet potatoes from Korea. It's our favorite version so far even better that the original!

How to make Margaret:

Bungeobbang / 참붕어빵. This popular snack from Orion is the cake version of the traditional fish shaped waffles often found on street food markets such as Namdaemun. They are just as cute and according to most even more delicious!

Peanut Butter Sandy / 크라운 땅콩샌드. A bite size cookie "sandwich" from Crown with peanut butter filling between sweet cakes. A perfect bite sized snack to bring with you or to eat with your coffee or tea. Mmmm!

Nurungji Candy / 누룽지사탕. In some boxes we include some traditional Korean snacks. We hope that you will like them and find it interesting to taste these flavors unique to Korea. "Nurungji" means "crispy rice crust" and is a snack inspired by the delicious crust that's formed after frying cooked rice. It has a plain sweet and nutty flavor and is an addicting snack that wake up childhood memories for most Koreans.

Sekom Dalkom Strawberry & Lemonade / 새콤달콤 딸기 레모네이드. Sekom meaning sour and Dalkom meaning sweet is a candy from Crown that has the perfect balanced sweet and sour in a chewy candy. Here in Strawberry and Lemonade flavors!