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Rainy Movie Night Korean Snack Box - August 2021

Korean Snack Box August 2021

Hello 안녕하세요! The theme for this month's Korean Snack Box is Korean Rainy Movie Night theme! 😍

Here in Korea it is currently monsoon period ㅠㅠ So the hot summer is cooler for a brief period but with lots of rain and thunderstorms. In other words it is a perfect time for a cozy movie night! 😄 

Which Korean movies do you want to watch? If you liked the Korean Zombie series Kingdom / 킹돔 starring Ju Ji-Hoon and Bae Doona you'll love the prequel movie Kingdom: Ashin of the North which takes place before the popular series and starring Jun Ji-hyun and Roe-ha Kim. Or if you want a good laugh with an action packed comedy you can watch the box office hit 극한직업 "Extreme Job" starring Lee Ha-nee and Ryu Seung-ryong. And if you haven't seen it yet we can highly recommend the Academy Award winning dark comedy 기생충 "Parasite" by director Bong Joon-ho starring Song Kang-ho and Choi Woo-shik. Whichever movie you pick for tonight we will make sure you got some delicious snacks to go with it.

In this month’s Korean Snack subscription box we packed a collection of snacks that will go perfect with your Korean movie night!

Pepero Nude Cream Cheese / 빼빼로 누드크림치즈

Butter Waffle / 버터와플 (only in Large box)

Frenchpie Jelly Apple / 후렌치파이 젤리 사과

Frenchpie Jelly Strawberry / 후렌치파이 젤리 딸기

Chal Choco Pie Injeolmi / 찰 초코파이 인절미

Otteu Chocolate / 오뜨 초코

Oatda / 왔따

Mychew Strawberry Peach / 마이쮸 딸기복숭아

Bokjumeoni Bag / 복주머니. As always you will get a beautiful traditional Korean silk bag or "Bokjumeoni". The name Bokjumeoni / 복주머니 translates to "lucky bag" and is said to bring luck to the person carrying or receiving it. The Bokjumeoni is a traditional item in Korean culture and you can use it as a beautiful and original gift bag, or as a decoration in your home, or in your daily life as a pouch or makeup bag. 😊

In the Large box you will get lots of extra pieces of each item to share and enjoy with your family or friends. You will also get the additional item "Butter Waffle"! 🤩