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Cherry Blossom Korean Snack Box - March

Whats inside the Cherry Blossom Korean snack box?

The cold winter is now over and the beautiful spring season is here! The landscape and parks are painted in wonderful colors from blooming flowers, plants and trees. And maybe the most beautiful time of the season is when the light pink Cherry blossom trees are blooming.

To celebrate the beauty of the Cherry blossom season we filled this box with a mix of cute and delicious snacks that are most popular during the spring season.

Maigumi Peach / 마이구미 복숭아. The delicious Maigumi jelly candies in the popular peach flavor and in cute peach shapes.

Pepero Skinny Cacao / 빼빼로 스키니카카오. The popular stick shaped cookies that you can see in many Korean dramas and Variety shows. Here in a special pink edition Skinny Cacao. You can also find these in our Just Pepero box!

Fresh berry / 후레쉬 베리. Fresh berry are delicious cakes filled with fruit jam and cream. You can eat them directly or warm them up in the oven or microwave and they will taste newly baked and even more delicious!

Crown Sando / 크라운산도. A pack of sweet and crunchy cookies with Strawberry and Cream cheese flavor. Mmmm!

Saekomdalkom mini / 새콤달콤. 새콤 meaning sour and 달콤 meaning sweet is the perfect balanced sweet and sour chewy candy.

Kakao Talk Jelly Bbo 카카오톡 제리뽀. A jelly pudding with the cute KakaoTalk characters that you will see everywhere when you visit Korea ^^  You can also find these in our Candy Jelly box!

In the Large boxes you will find extra items to share with your loved once!