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Lotus Lantern Festival Korean Snack Box - April

Seoul Lotus Lantern Festival - Yeon Deung Hoe 2018 2019

The spring is now in full bloom in Korea and spring is the period where lots of traditional and modern outdoor festivals take place in Seoul and around the country. One of the most impressive and beautiful festivals is Yeon Deung Hoe or in English the "Lotus Lantern Festival".

Seoul Lotus Lantern Festival - Yeon Deung Hoe 2018 2019

(Photos of some beautiful paper lanterns from last year's Lotus lantern festival)

Yeon Deung Hoe is held on the 8th day in the 4th month of the lunar year. During this festival the streets all over Seoul are decorated with colorful rice paper lanterns. And around the peak of the festival there are multiple parades with large lantern sculptures made of Hanji paper going through the city. To celebrate the Lotus Lantern festival with you we have packed this month's 'Box of the Month' with lots of colorful snacks of various types and flavors that will get you in a festive and cheerful mood.

Goraebab / 고래밥A delicious oven baked salty snacks that melts in your mouth. You might recognize the cute 고래 whale character from our Candy Jelly box since there is also a jelly version of this snack.

Sinjjuri Gumi / 신쫄이구미. This is a new and currently very popular jelly candy in Korea. The Sinjjuri Gumis are soft and chewy jellies and has a sour candy jam filling.

Hooraenchi Pie / 후렌치파이. Hooraenchi Pie or "French style pie" are sweet mini pies with a fruit jam topping made of Korean harvested fruits. Try them on their own or together with a cup of tea!

Jelly Straws / 젤리스트로우. Cute and sweet straw shaped jelly candy that comes in different fruity flavors and in a fun and easy to eat packaging.

Mychew / 마이쮸. Mychews are sweet and chewy candies in bite size that comes in fresh fruity flavors and colorful cute packaging.

Sunkist / 썬키스트. Sunkist is a popular brand in Korea with many different products. Here is their famous fruit candies with lots of long lasting flavor!

In the Large boxes you will find extra items of Mychew and Sunkist, and you will get an extra flavor of Sinjurri Gumi and Hooraenchi Pie. You will also get this additional large item:

Gyeran Egg Cookies / 계란과자. Inside the cute box you will find delicious sweet and crispy cookies baked with egg, sugar and butter. These Gyeran Gwaja, egg cookies, are a long time favorite for all Koreans.