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Hwaiting! Korean Snack Box - October

Hwaiting Korean Snack Subscription Box

Hello 안녕하세요! The theme for this month's box is "Hwaiting!" 😄

You probably heard the expression "Hwaiting" (화이팅) many times in Korean dramas or TV shows, have you figured out what it means? Hwaiting comes from the English word "fighting" but since the Korean alphabet Hangul does not have a letter for the sound "f" it is usually replaced with letters similar in pronunciation such as 화 "hwa" or 파 "pa".

Hwaiting is a very useful Korean expression that you can use when you want to encourage somebody, cheer for somebody or show your support. It has a similar meaning to the positive expressions "You can do it!", "Good luck!" and "You got this!".

That's why you often hear it in Korean drama shows when the characters are up for a challenge or among Kpop band members before going on stage to perform. In daily life we also use "Hwaiting" a lot between friends, classmates and colleagues. And if you want to give some extra encouragement it is common to give a small snack or a drink to the person you want to support. So in this box we have packed a collection of delicious Korean snacks that will give you energy to take on any challenge while saying "Hwaiting!".

Roly Poly Choco / 롤리폴리 초코. The Roly poly from Haitai are sweet bread cookis sticks filled with delicious chocolate and comes packaged in pairs perfect for sharing with a friend or colleague!  

Eyes Closed Chips/ 눈을감자 (only in Large box). The name of the "Eyes Closed Chips" from Orion is a wordplay with the word 감자 which means both "close" and "potato" so together with 눈을 which means "eyes" the name 눈을감자 promise a potato chips that are so delicious you will close your eyes in enjoyment!

Bacchus Jelly / 박카스맛 젤리. You might have heard of the famous Bacchus "Korean Red Bull" drink. It is a common type of gift to give to a co-worker or class mate while encouraging them with a "Hwaiting!". The Bacchus drinks are so popular they became a Jelly snack!

Vita500 Jelly / 비타500 젤리 (only in Large box). The Vita500 is another health drink turned Jelly snack. These cute jelly bottles are packed with vitamin C to give you a boost to take on any challenge. Hwaiting! 

Bboddo Cheese Tart 뽀또 치즈타르트. The cute Bboddo Cheese Tart's from Crown is a perfect afternoon snack that comes packaged in pairs, so you can share them with a friend or you can eat both secretly before anyone sees! 🤫

Earl Grey Grapefruit Cookies / 얼그레이 자몽 그랑쉘. The Earl Grey Grapefruit cookies is another great afternoon treat that is perfect on your tea or coffee break. It is a sweet bread cookie filled with grapefruit jam!

Pongdang Chocolate / 퐁당 쇼콜라. The Pongdang Cocolate is a new hit from Orion, a soft chocolate bread snack filled with cream and more chocolate! You can warm them up slightly before eating to make them even more delicious!

Whole Almond Candies / 통아몬드. The Whole Almond candies is a premium snack from Orion that are similar to caramelized almonds on a toffee caramel that are absolutely addicting!

Anytime Mints / 애니타임. Anytime from Lotte are refreshing mints that will give you a fresh breeze whenever you need throughout your day!