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Green Forests Korean Snack Box - July 2021

Korean Snack Box July 2021

Hello 안녕하세요! The theme for this month's Korean Snack Box is Korean Green Forest theme! 😍

During summer time in Korea all plants and trees are in full bloom and the entire country is covered in lush green colors. When one thinks of Korea what often comes to mind is the mega city of Seoul with its skyscrapers, shopping malls and modern cityscape. But did you know that the majority of Korea is actually covered in large green forests!

If you ever travelled outside of Seoul you will notice that in a few hours after leaving the metropolitan area the landscape changes and you can see large green forests covering high mountain tops and deep valleys along each side of the road. But as in many countries the forests and its biodiversity of animal and plant species are frail and needs to be taken care of and preserved. In Korea it is the Korea Forest Service that is charge of maintaining the health of our forests. And over the years they have ran several preservation projects amongst other they planted over 10 billion new trees to protect the forest flora and fauna from deforestation. In July a part of the proceeds from the monthly boxes will be donated to Korea Forest Service for their continued work of keeping our beloved forests healthy and beautiful for our future generations.

In this month’s Korean Snack subscription box we packed a collection of snacks to keep you going on your forest hike packaged in beautiful lush green colors.

Homerun Ball / 홈런볼 초코 (only in the Large box)

Mychew Jelly Apple or Peach / 마이쮸 쏙 젤리 사과 거나 복숭아

Chewy Jelly Sweet Apple / 쫀득젤리 사과

Beatles Sour Caramels / 비틀즈 사워

Peanut Caramel / 땅콩 카라멜

Lotte Sand Mint Chocolate Cookies / 롯샌 민트초코

Petit Moncher Shine Muscat Cake / 쁘띠 몽쉘 샤인머스캣

Bokjumeoni Bag / 복주머니. As always you will get a beautiful traditional Korean silk bag or "Bokjumeoni". The name Bokjumeoni / 복주머니 translates to "lucky bag" and is said to bring luck to the person carrying or receiving it. The Bokjumeoni is a traditional item in Korean culture and you can use it as a beautiful and original gift bag, or as a decoration in your home, or in your daily life as a pouch or makeup bag. 😊

In the Large box you will get lots of extra pieces of each item to share and enjoy with your family or friends. You will also get the additional item "Homerun ball"! 🤩