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Chuseok Korean Snack Box - September 2021

Korean Snack Box September 2021

Hello 안녕하세요! The theme for this month's Korean Snack Box is Korean Thanksgiving "Chuseok" Holiday theme! 😍

Happy Chuseok! Every autumn on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month all Koreans celebrate Chuseok together! Have you heard about Chuseok? Chuseok (sometimes compared to Thanksgiving) is one of Korea’s most important holidays and a celebration of a bountiful harvest and for honoring our ancestors. During Chuseok Koreans often leave the city and travel to their hometowns to eat, drink and spend time with family and relatives.

And to celebrate this Chuseok with you we have packed your snack box with a variation of delicious snacks in bright autumn colors. You will get to taste fruity flavors from the autumn harvest as well as some traditional snacks with unique flavors from the Korean candy store. 🥰

Jjol Byeong Ramyun Snack / 쫄병스낵

Jelly Bab Jellies / 젤리밥

Maigumi Grape Jellies / 마이구미 포도 (only in Large)

Margaret cookies / 마가렛트

Bungeobbang / 참붕어빵

Peanut Butter Sandy / 크라운 땅콩샌드

Nurungji Candy / 누룽지사탕

Sekom Dalkom Strawberry & Lemonade / 새콤달콤 딸기 레모네이

Bokjumeoni Bag / 복주머니. As always you will get a beautiful traditional Korean silk bag or "Bokjumeoni". The name Bokjumeoni / 복주머니 translates to "lucky bag" and is said to bring luck to the person carrying or receiving it. The Bokjumeoni is a traditional item in Korean culture and you can use it as a beautiful and original gift bag, or as a decoration in your home, or in your daily life as a pouch or makeup bag. 😊

In the Large box you will get lots of extra pieces of each item to share and enjoy with your family or friends. You will also get the additional item "Maigumi Grape Jellies"! 🤩