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Christmas Korean Snack Box - December 2019

Christmas Winter Korean Snack Box

Hello 안녕하세요! The theme for this month's Korean Snack Box is Christmas Winter theme! 😄

Here in Korea the winters can often be cold with temperatures below freezing point. Christmas is here and although it's not a traditionally celebrated holiday in Korean culture it's still a joyful and happy period to meet friends and family and walk along cozy Christmas decorated shopping streets and markets. In this box we have selected the most popular Korean winter month snacks that will bring both joy and delicious flavors to yourself and anyone you share it with.

Baked Potato Snacks / 구운감자An oven baked potato stick chips snack from Haitai with a delicious taste of oven baked potatoes over a fire grill and crunchy texture and in convenient stick shapes! 😚

ABC Choco Cookies / ABC 초코 쿠키 (only in Large box). The ABC Choco Cookies from Lotte are cute and soft chocolate cookies with a dark chocolate piece on the top. Very addicting! 😂

Songi Jelly / 송이 젤리. The Songi Jelly from Orion is a unique chocolate and jelly snack combination in shape of a Songi (Korean mushroom) which is also the name of the cute Songi mushroom character. The candies has a chocolate top with an orange flavored jelly bottom. A brilliant flavor combination! 😄 

Mandu Jelly / 만두 젤리 (only in Large box). The Mandu Jelly from Haitai is a fun Mandu (Korean dumpling) style candy with fruit flavored jelly and fruit jam filling! Try some Korean mandu and then have these for dessert 😂

Oh Yes Carrot & Cream Cheese / 오예스 당근 앤 크림치즈. The Oh Yes from Haitai is a highly popular pie snack in Korea and here in a brand new delicious flavor combination with a chocolate covered carrot cake and a cream cheese filling, WOW! 🤩

Chic Choc Tiramisu Cookie / 칙촉 티라미수. The Chic Choc cookies are another long time favorite on Korean cookie shelfs and this is the latest in their series of flavors, Chocolate and Tiramisu! Mmmmm! 😄

Crown Sando Cookie / 크라운 산드 스윗밀크The Crown Sando cookies from Crown is a long time best-selling sweet bread cookie, here in the original flavor with a Sweet Milk cream filling! 😄

Dalguna Lollipop / 달구나 캔디. If you walked along a shopping area in Korea chances are you seen this snack being made and sold from one of the food carts usually lining the shopping streets. The Dalguna Lollipops are a traditional sugar caramel lollipop that bring childhood memories to any Korean. It's a simple traditional Korean snack but with a rich and delicious taste! 😄

Vita C Lemon Candies / 비타레몬C. The Vita C Lemon candies are vitamin C enriched sour caramels with lemon flavor to fight off the cold in the winter time, or at least provide an energizing snack time! 😄