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Cherry Blossom Spring Themed Korean Snack Box - April 2021

Cherry Blossom Spring Themed Korean Snack Box - April 2021

Hello 안녕하세요! The theme for this month's Korean Snack Box is Cherry Blossom Spring theme! 😍

The cold winter is now over and the beautiful spring season is here! The landscape and parks are painted in wonderful colors from blooming flowers, plants and trees. And maybe the most beautiful time of the season is when the light pink Cherry blossom trees are blooming 🌸

To celebrate the beauty of the Cherry blossom season we filled this box with a mix of delicious snacks that are most popular during the spring season 😍

In this box

Pepero Strawberry Cookie / 빼빼로 스트로베리 쿠키

Maigumi Peach / 마이구미 복숭아

Gumi Gumi Strawberry / 구미구미 딸기 (only in Large)

Choco Pie Strawberry Blossom / 초코파이 딸기블라썸

Crown Sando Strawberry / 크라운산도 딸기

Sekomdalkom Grape and Peach / 새콤달콤 포도복숭아

Crunky Pink Berry Pink Ball / 크런키 핑크베리 핑크볼

Bokjumeoni Bag / 복주머니. As always you will get a beautiful traditional Korean silk bag or "Bokjumeoni". The name Bokjumeoni / 복주머니 translates to "lucky bag" and is said to bring luck to the person carrying or receiving it. The Bokjumeoni is a traditional item in Korean culture and you can use it as a beautiful and original gift bag, or as a decoration in your home, or in your daily life as a pouch or makeup bag. 😊

In the Large box you will get lots of extra pieces of each item to share and enjoy with your family or friends. You will also get the additional items "Gumi Gumi Strawberry"! 🤩