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Beach and Pool Korean Snack Box - June 2021

Korean Snack Box beach and pool June 2021

Hello 안녕하세요! The theme for this month's Korean Snack Box is Beach and Pool theme! 😍

Here in Korea the hot summer has begun and it is time to go to the beach! The most famous and most beautiful sandy beaches in Korea are located on the southern coast such as Haeundae beach in Busan, or along the east coast such as Sokcho beach in Gangwon-do. But since most Koreans live in and around Seoul we mostly cool down in one of the many outdoor pools along Han River Park that are open throughout the whole summer. Or for the more adventurous and younger Koreans we go to one of the large Water adventure parks like Carribean Bay where we can enjoy water slides and large wave pools! Which style do you prefer?

In this month’s Korean Snack subscription box we packed a collection of snacks to bring with you on your summer adventures.

Pepero Corn Chips / 빼빼로 꼬깔콘

Pororo & Friends Cookies / 뽀로로와 친구들 과자 (only in Large)

Jaws Bar Jelly / 죠스바젤리

Subakba Jelly / 수박바젤리 (only in Large)

Fresh Berry Peach / 후레쉬베리 복숭아

Magaret Cookies Original / 마가렛트 오리지날 

Magaret Cookies Choco / 마가렛트 초코 

Plum candy / 자두 캔디

Malang Milk Strawberry candy / 말랑카우 딸기  

Bokjumeoni Bag / 복주머니. As always you will get a beautiful traditional Korean silk bag or "Bokjumeoni". The name Bokjumeoni / 복주머니 translates to "lucky bag" and is said to bring luck to the person carrying or receiving it. The Bokjumeoni is a traditional item in Korean culture and you can use it as a beautiful and original gift bag, or as a decoration in your home, or in your daily life as a pouch or makeup bag. 😊

In the Large box you will get lots of extra pieces of each item to share and enjoy with your family or friends. You will also get the additional items "Pororo & Friends Cookies" and "Subakba Jelly"! 🤩