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Rainy Movie Night Korean Snack Box - August

Korean Snack Box August 2019

잘지냈어요? (How are you?). Here in Korea it is currently monsoon period ㅠㅠ So the hot summer is cooler for a brief period but with lots of rain and thunder storms. In other words it is a perfect time for a cozy movie night!

Which Korean movies do you want to watch? If you like Korean dramas we can recommend the second movie in the widely popular Along with the Gods series, 신과함께-인과 연 (Along with The Gods: The Last 49 Days) starring Ha Jung-woo and Ju Ji-hoon. Or if you want a good laugh with a light adventure comedy you can check the box office hit 조선명탐정: 흡혈괴마의 비밀 Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead starring Kim Ji-won and Kim Bum. And if you feel brave enough to watch a Korean thriller with a darker theme you might wanna check out 버닝 (Burning) starring Yoo Ah-in and Steven Yeun which won numerous international movie awards. Have you seen these movies yet? In this month’s box you will get a curated collection of snacks that will go perfect with your movie night!


Pretz Spicy Shrimp / 극세프리츠

Butter Waffle / 버터와플 (only in Large)

My Heart Jelly Apple Pineapple / 내맘몰랑 젤리 파인애플 사과

My Heart Jelly Peach / 내맘몰랑 젤리 복숭아 (only in Large)

Chaltteok Pie Mango / 찰떡파이 망고

Bakey Cheesecake / 배이키

Sinjuri / 신쫄이

Oatda! / 왔따!

Mychew Apple Grape / 마이쮸 사과 포도